The Naked Heroes are a duo of soul redeeming shaman who set the room afire with their spirited call and response based live shows that are best described as a controlled form of chaos. They celebrate a primal connection to a greasy, unhinged humanity that lurks deep inside all of us and yearns to be exercised. Members Merica Lee and George Jackson use rock ‘n’ roll as a springboard and infuse it with elements of r&b, blues, and dance music to create their own unique foot-stompin’, ass-shakin’, soul redeeming elixir.

“No one rocks harder in Brooklyn” – FREEwilliamsburg

“there was once a time when rock sounded like whiskey and blow jobs instead of $65 bottles of wine, self pity and literature best suited for college freshman. With Demon The Whiskey Down, The Naked Heroes recapture this energy, and revamp it with 2012 sensibilities. The effect is dazzling.” –

“The Naked Heroes 99 Diamond is nothing short of confident, pure, unabashed rock and roll at its finest. – Popmatters

“The Naked Heroes fucking rule ass ultra hard… it’s not often I’m at a loss for words… the shit is super good.” – MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

“Indie rock duos typically go two ways—there’s the real deal, such as Big Business and godheadsilo, and there’s hipster tripe like The White Stripes and all their imitators. The Naked Heroes are definitely the former, the main difference being, guitarist/vocalist George Michael Jackson and drummer Merica Lee can play the hell out of their instruments. Using ’70s rock as a springboard, The Naked Heroes distill Led Zeppelin’s hard rock, Blue Cheer’s noisy blues, and Grand Funk’s revved up soul into a moonshine that’s more fun than contemporary stoner rock, and too rock ’n’ roll to be mere punk rock. I’ll admit, I actually got up and played air guitar while listening to this. Now what better endorsement is there?”
– The Big Takeover

“Simply put, this album rocks. Every song on 99 Diamond is so infectious that I’m positive this album stuck on repeat is the sole cause of the Dancing Plague of 1518” – The Soda Shop

“… they make their musical parents proud, rivaling The Black Keys or Black Sabbath. If you enjoy absolute chaos from a band that only has two members, then you are in for an experience when it comes to The Naked Heroes.” – KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle

“destined to melt your face and make you want to jump a motorcycle through flaming hoops.”
– Death + Taxes

“The Naked Heroes sound has been described as hard, southern-styled rock played in a lo-fi, garage-punk mode. With more and more bands throwing in their lot with the avant-garde, the Naked Heroes simply write memorable songs in an effortless pastiche of rock idioms.” – Brooklyn Rail

“The Naked Heroes are a blazing hard rock band who are just the right combination of ‘70s sleaze and countrified rock, not to mention a killer live act.” – Hardcore Norfolk

“with Lee’s cymbals crashing down from the heavens while Jackson’s yowling vocals and driving guitars sneaking in from down under to hit you somewhere below the belt. Whether it’s on the wildly percussive Opposable Thumb or the rootsy, anthemic title track off their album 99 Diamond, The Naked Heroes take the classic approach to rock. We say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—just sex it up a whole lot.”
– TeaParty Boston

“Slow burner “Double Chin” is like the best parts of Led Zep’s “How Many More Times” boiled down into 3 and a half minutes.” – The Ripple Effect

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